Is it worth $13 to butcher a chicken?

Posted on 11 February 2009 by ChefBud

Today I went to the butcher to pick up some chickens. I noticed that a pack of fresh, local RedBird boneless, skinless chicken breasts was $11.31. But I could get a whole RedBird chicken for only $7.72. That made me curious, so i wrote down the prices of all the chicken pieces and noticed that if I cut it up myself I could save a bunch of money and have a pile of free bones for stock. Check out the price breakdown in the chart below. With money being this tight, it’s got to be worth $13.07 to cut up a whole chicken.

Fresh butchered chicken pieces.

Cost of Chicken: Whole Versus Pieces
Whole $7.72 Two Breasts $11.31
Two Thighs $2.47
Two Drumsticks $3.44
Two Wings $4.72
Total Cost $7.72 Total Cost $20.79
Price Difference: 13.07

If you want to see me do a live show on breaking down a chicken or making stock, leave me a comment

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  1. paulo Says:

    That’s quite a price difference. Looks like I buying a set of poultry shears.

  2. wrenchwear Says:

    yes, i would love to see how to dress a whole chicken…

  3. David Akiro Says:

    What I usually do is buy a whole chicken, pan sear it and put it in the oven at a really low temperature and let it cook for several hours.
    Or do a whole chicken to flavor the water for a soup; adding any local veggies and cooing it at a low temperature.
    Butchering your own proteins is way better than buying single/pre-made fillets. And we save alot more money that way.

  4. chicken house designs Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  5. Dan Schwartz Says:

    Here in New Jersey, boneless chicken breasts are always on sale for $1.99/lb at Shop-Rite or Pathmark. Mostly generic from Florida, sometimes Tyson, occasionally Perdue (best; no feed smell, either).

  6. TheChefsWife Says:

    We make an effort to buy only Colorado Chicken since that is where we live. I’ve found that I get better quality that way, and i can feel good that less energy was used transporting the chicken. Also, the point we were making is the comparison between the price of whole chickens versus chicken parts. If you are finding breasts for 1.99 per pound, I would bet that the same brand of whole chicken in the same store is likely .89 per pound. No matter the brand, the store, organic or otherwise, it is almost always a better deal to buy chicken whole rather than in pieces.

  7. Forex Ambush Says:

    This has been really interesting, how do I get your RSS feeds so I can stay updated? And I love this blog theme!

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