O.H.I.O. only handle it once

Posted on 17 February 2009 by ChefBud

I do not know who said it first but OHIO can be applied to almost anything in your life.

It works like this: The more times you handle something the less efficient you are.

Now I understand that the worst part of cooking at home is the cleanup. It is important to be organized and streamline your movements. When I am chopping vegetables I use an empty produce bag as a little trash bin right in front of my cutting board. I do not need to make a mess of the counter and I don’t make trips to the bin. When I’m done I throw the bag away and the counter is clean.

Try prepping with the dishwasher open and load it as you go.

Try this in other moments of your life; a good example is mail. Don’t just toss all the mail on the counter when you walk in. Sort the junk mail right into the recycle or trash bin while it is still in your hand.

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