Edamame: Healthy Snacks for Kids

Posted on 23 February 2009 by TheChefsWife

When my kids start whining that they are hungry as soon as we walk in the door from school or in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, I struggle to find healthy snack options that the kids will like. One great option I’ve discovered is Edamame. Available in most grocery stores in the frozen vegetables, be sure to buy the ones that are in the pod. Steam them for about ten minutes and then sprinkle with kosher salt. The kids love them because they are fun to eat: they pick up the pods with theirs hands and then squeeze them with their teeth until the beans pop into their mouths. I love them because they are a source of complete protein. This means they contain proportionally good amounts of all of the essential amino acids necessary for a healthy diet.


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  1. ChefBud Says:

    I have found that most kids prefer them still in the pod because it is more fun to pop them out of the shell. My kids have little to no interest in them if they are taken out of the pods. Here is a link with some good edamame facts: http://tinyurl.com/d647m8

  2. David Akiro Says:

    i’m sort of ‘if-y’ on the whole procedure of steaming/blanching edamame.
    If they are already cooked then, there is no need to cook them again. They will simple turn into mush and an unpleasant color.
    I suggest that to just defrost them over night or ‘nuke’ them for several minute(s) depending on their state of solidity.

    If they are uncooked, then just blanch them in hot water for several minuted until they get a nice bright green color. There after, chocking them in ice water to retain their color and stop the cooking process.

    But yes, edamame are great way to sugary snacks that manufactures sell to our children.

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