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Mom’s Chicken Curry in Our Tramontina Dutch Oven

Posted on 28 March 2009 by ChefBud

I make this recipe using a Tramontina Dutch Oven. I love the size and weight of the cast iron pot. And it is so easy to brown the meat right in the same pot you are going to cook the whole meal in. Continue Reading

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Vegetarian Sweet Potato Tostada Recipe

Posted on 27 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

Our kids love to eat this meal because it is fun to make and fun to eat. We usually put all the toppings on the table and let our kids make their own tostadas; it is amazing what your kids will eat if they get to make their own choices about what they put on their plate. Continue Reading

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ChefBud makes Front Page News on The Telluride Watch Newspaper

Posted on 26 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

Wilkinson Public Library

Wilkinson Public Library

Our local newspaper, The Telluride Watch, came to our live show at the Telluride Library to watch us make peanut butter and jelly crepes for a room full of first graders. The result: a front page article in the paper today. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment showing your support for us. We are very excited to have the newspaper’s support. They will also start syndicating the show live each Wednesday on their website as well as archiving old episodes. This is a great chance to help spread the word about

Click to go to the article: Chef Bud Thomas and Web Producer Dennis Lankes Team Up at

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Making Pasta from Scratch

Posted on 25 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

Making pasta from scratch is a much simpler than most people think. And it is truly delicious. Making pasta is also a great afternoon project for the kids. They love turning the crank on the roller and watching the sheets of pasta come through. And when they get to eat what they made, they are thrilled that they got to “make dinner.” Continue Reading

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Crushed Basil Pesto Recipe

Posted on 23 March 2009 by ChefBud

This is a very versatile and simple sauce. Simply enjoy it as an appetizer with your favorite cheese, crusty bread and strawberries. My kids love it tossed with pasta. Continue Reading

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