Yummy Pancake Mix: Sinful Cinnamon Daddy Cakes

Posted on 09 March 2009 by ChefBud

Just finished up some Sinful Cinnamon Daddy Cakes and they were definitely a hit. And I loved the way they made the house smell!

The kids enjoying Sinful Cinnamon Daddy Cakes
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  1. jansloud Says:

    I have an 12 year old daughter that is the pickiest eater. So bad that she has never tasted a fruit or vegetable (french fries don’t count.) These pancakes would have never gone over well with her but when she woke up to the smell she decided to try them & she loved them. Thank you for the receipe, we will be using it for years to come.

  2. Karen Einberger Says:

    Where’s the recipe?

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