ChefBud makes Front Page News on The Telluride Watch Newspaper

Posted on 26 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

Wilkinson Public Library

Wilkinson Public Library

Our local newspaper, The Telluride Watch, came to our live show at the Telluride Library to watch us make peanut butter and jelly crepes for a room full of first graders. The result: a front page article in the paper today. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment showing your support for us. We are very excited to have the newspaper’s support. They will also start syndicating the show live each Wednesday on their website as well as archiving old episodes. This is a great chance to help spread the word about

Click to go to the article: Chef Bud Thomas and Web Producer Dennis Lankes Team Up at

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  1. etracy Says:

    Thank you to Chef Bud and Jenna for spending the afternoon at the library and sharing those delicious crepes! I think the first graders really enjoyed their experience and we had a great time as well. Let’s do this again soon! Elizabeth

  2. Hazel Says:

    hey!!! I was there. I’m in that picture. Those crepes were so yummy! That was a fun reason to miss school!

  3. TheChefsWife Says:

    I thought I would post some of the comments posted to the newspaper article. thanks to all of you:

    « Kate
    This is a great example of the power of social media, and how individuals can harness that power to teach, share and entertain. Chef Bud and Jenna, thanks for what you’re doing. Your creativity is inspiring.

    « Rob
    It’s great to see Bud and Jenna testing some unchartered online waters related to cooking and eating good food! It has been interesting to watch how they are tying their weekly cooking shows into Twitter. We are all learning from such efforts. Keep it up!

    « Joy
    I love that they harnessed the power of social networking to get their audience. They are doing a great thing here by reaching out to people about food and cooking, especially at a time when what people eat and home cooking has taken the spotlight because of the health and economic issues.
    I wish you the best as you broaden your reach on- and offline, Chef Bud and Jenna!

    « Jaden
    Great story on use of social media to power a business!

    « Alyx
    I have followed @ChefBud almost from the start. The shows are well done and informative. You can clearly tell he enjoys what he is doing and sharing that with others. He has given me some good ideas- just waiting for a vegetarian show or two so I can conjure up ChefBud magic for my vegetarian daughter.
    The quality of the show does rival some cable networks as well. Besides how many network shows can you interact with the chef without being in the studio? Awesome show Dennis and Chef- keep it up.

    « Medini
    Saw the Pasta Pesto video….Fab! Cool idea of Questions/Answers and Giveaways….Love learning new techniques from people who are passionate about food and cooking…Simple is good!

    « ST
    I enjoyed watching yesterday. The information was very good and right in keeping with how I make food. I’ll be back to watch again. I loved it. I think this is a whole new frontier…Thanks for venturing into new territory.

    « JS
    Great article… Chef Bud and Dennis are really putting Telluride on the map in terms of Social Media” and how to make it happen from rural Colorado. I am an avid viewer of the show and look forward to it every week. The show helps me keep my passion for one of the most awesome places in the United States.. T-Ride… Keep up the great work guys… See ya next week…

    « Rob
    The Internet has definitely changed cooking shows. It’s like the world’s biggest cookbook, but on video

  4. TheChefsWife Says:

    I’m going to continue to post comments from the article here since it appears that they aren’t viewable directly on the article for very long. Thanks to all of you who have left such encouraging comments!

    « Tara
    My daughter watched the crepe episode and loved it. I thought it was excellent and of course I enjoy both Chef Bud and The Chefs Wife on Twitter!
    Excellent show 🙂

    « brett is great. i found thechefswife on twitter and cant say enough good about what i have experienced so far!

    « Chris
    Congrats Chef Bud! – Keep on hustlin’

    « Anne
    Great Show, very interesting, really enjoyed it.

    « ChefAli
    Great article! I think what you’re doing is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the great work, and keep posting your success on Twitter!

    « Good Life
    Congrats on your success. So exciting! Great following you on Twitter.

    « Lynn
    Bud and Jenna – congrat’s on the fabulous profile. Love what you are doing on the web and on twitter. Keep up the great work. And thanks for sharing.

    « Heather
    Hi Bud & Jenna,
    Great job–what exciting news! I’m so glad this new venture is going well for you. Who’d have thought that cooking & social media would make such a delicious recipe? 🙂
    Congrats…more success is on the way. I just know it.

    « HealthyFoods
    Great show! Very interesting and fun. Loved watching the little kids watching. Thank you!

    « pete
    Wow Bud!! I thought I knew it all, but your show has got me off in new directions.

  5. TheChefsWife Says:

    « Jeremy
    Way to go

    « Donna
    I have become friends with a few chefs taking this online approach. What a wonderful resource for the home cook who is also internet savvy. Looking forward to getting to know @chefbud and @TheChefsWife better.

    « bella
    Caught the pesto pasta show yesterday & really enjoyed the presentation. I’m all about the pasta & especially adore homemade pasta. Takes it to a whole new level! Bravo & thanks for sharing!

    « happyandhealthy
    What creative and fun ideas for helping people! And who is not interested in food?

    « GingerlemonGirl
    Great story!! can’t wait to read more about your cooking!!

    « harvester
    Nice one well worth driving the 50 miles to find high speed internet

    « elizabeth
    Chef Bud, we so enjoyed the fabulous food and entertainment at the library. I would love to brainstorm more ways to get the message out about the importance of kids eating nutritional meals at home. Good luck with this fantastic program and we look forward to having you back again soon.

  6. TheChefsWife Says:

    « Podchef
    Awesome concept, well executed. I’ve been doing web-cooking shows for 4 years and this is a fresh & exciting take. Congratulations & good luck!

    « StuffCooksWant
    Congrats on the article. Can’t wait for the gluten-free recipe ideas!

    « Heidi
    Well deserved credit, kudos to you! I enjoyed watching yesterdays pesto show, looking forward to many more! Cheers

    « c1natra
    I’ve seen a few episodes now and it’s a great resource for people who are just getting started cooking. Hopefully he’ll do a gluten-free show soon!
    « Jenna
    Interestingly enough, we just added a new contributing editor who is gluten free. He will be adding comments to our blog addressing gluten free ideas as well as linking to his own gluten free food blog! Check back at for those!

    « lisa
    ChefBud and Jenna have awesome recipes!! The great thing is they always keep kids in mind, too. They really encourage exposing your children to all sorts of healthy foods.

    « wrenchwear
    i am a stay at home father of two kids (ages 3 and 9 months) and what i really like about ChefBud’s show is that;

    a. it comes on during nap time

    b. it is really useful information without being over the top. most cooking shows seem to be geared for the super gourmet crowd. the pb& j crepes i can serve my son…

    c. he adds a comment here and there which does ‘gourmet-up’ the recipe. the pork mojo sauce i can surprise my wife with…

    d. being live he answers topical questions as well as somewhat off track questions.

    e. i love the fact that he is aware of the environmental aspects of food as well as costs and making more than just one meal out of something, ie. the roasted chicken show

    i just hope he can make smell-a-vision work…

    « Kim
    Bud and Jenna! So glad to be a fan of your show. My husband has been surprised with my renewed interest in cooking creatively and has even complemented me on it. (Rare, to be sure). You really make cooking easy to understand. I appreciate your work. 🙂

    « Carrie
    @ChefBud and @TheChefsWife and Dennis – Congratulations on a great, well-deserved article. Loved your shows on making hummus and homemade pesto and pasta. Learn something new each time. Plus, I really like how you’re using real food in simple ways.

    « Mom_Of_Four
    Great article! Social networking is the future, and I think it’s awesome that Jenna and Bud are utilizing it in a new and unique way.

    « Natanya
    Nice focus on the combination of cooking and social marketing. I follow Jenna because I’m very interested in how they are using social to promote their new venture and because I want to see how the develop an associated revenue stream.

    « Elle
    Nice write-up! I follow both Chef Bud and Jenna on Twitter–very cool people. The love broadcasts are a lot of fun, and educational, too. It’s a good system they’ve got going.
    I meant LIVE, not love, but you can definitely feel the love for what they’re doing, hehehe.

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