Barbecue Smoker – Making your own at Home

Posted on 22 April 2009 by TheChefsWife

Making a barbecue smoker with the Culinary class was great fun. With money being so tight for so many this idea is perfect because it is a functional smoker built on a tiny budget. Anyone can do this, it even makes a great do it yourself project at home with the kids.

Cardboard Box Smoker
Cardboard box
Hot plate
Heavy duty pie tin
Hard wood chips (citrus woods, mesquite, or cedar all work well)
Wire rack
Two dowels to hold rack

First find a spot not to close to anything you do not want to accidentally burn down.

Figure out how you want to set up your box; it needs to be vented at the top and bottom and have access to add food to be smoked and more wood chips.

Set the box on some bricks or blocks to allow air to enter the vent in floor of box.

Place the hot plate in the box and run the cord out a small hole to power source.

Create a shelf with two dowels running parallel through box with enough room above the shelf to add the food that will be smoked.

Add the dry wood chips to the pie tin and place on hot plate.

Place the thermometer through a small hole in top of box.

Place prepared food to be smoked on wire rack.

Turn hot plate to high and close up the Cardboard Box Smoker.

We smoked two 6 oz. skin on salmon fillets. We used skin on salmon because the skin holds the fish together while smoking and makes it easier to handle. Leaving the skin on also improves the overall flavor of the fish. We made a simple rub with 2T brown sugar, 2t fennel seed, and 2t cumin seed. Always use whole spices when possible toast them in a dry pan and grind right before you need them. This will make sure you get the full benefit of the volatile oils in the spices.

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