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LIVE Show: ChefBud’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Posted on 06 May 2009 by TheChefsWife

This episode is dedicated to ChefBud’s favorite kitchen gadgets. In this video, ChefBud demonstrates how to use a microplane, garlic press, mandolin, apple slicer, cheese plane, immersion blender and ricer. Continue Reading

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Making Horchata and Guacamole at the Telluride Library

Posted on 05 May 2009 by TheChefsWife

This week I was delighted to appear as the guest chef at the Wilkinson Public Library‘s brand new program called Books and Cooks.  Continue Reading

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Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Posted on 03 May 2009 by TheChefsWife

This weekend we had some good friends visiting us from Phoenix. Since I woke up early Sunday morning, I decided to surprise everyone with a nice coffee cake hot from the oven when they all woke up. Continue Reading

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All of our loyal fans and followers…

Posted on 01 May 2009 by ChefBud

Thank you to all of our friends and fans.  Our site is going through some much needed changes.  Thank you for being patient.  We have some great new content and the recipes from our recent shows ready to post.  As soon as we have worked out a few bugs all of this stuff will be posted with a great new look and feel to the site.

If you are interested in writing about food, we are looking for a few contibutors to keep the site diversified and interesting to a broad group of folks.

We are also starting a recipe contest.  E-mail me your recipes and I will post them on the site.  At the end of one month, the most visited and the most commented recipe will receive a personalized chef coat.  I will also make the winning recipes on a LIVE cooking show.  I hope this gets you as excited as it does me.

Stay tuned for the much needed fine tunings of the site…

Thanks from the whole chefbud team.

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