Basic Fruit Shake Recipe

Posted on 14 July 2009 by wrenchwear

My Basic Fruit Shake

The best thing about fruit shakes is how easy they are to make.  All you really want in a fruit shake is the icy and refreshing liquid taste of fruit.  To do that all you need is: fruit, ice, coconut water and a simple sugar syrup.
The first thing you will need if you want to make good fruit shakes is some simple syrup.  This is just equal parts sugar and water boiled together and cooled.

NOTE: This syrup will last forever in the fridge, and can be very useful in other recipes.

Basic fruit shake recipe

1 to 2 cups ripe fruit
1-3 or more TBSP of simple syrup
½ to 1 cup of ice
12 oz coconut water (DO NOT USE COCONUT MILK)

NOTE:  The amount of sugar needed will vary with the acidity of the fruit.  A sweet fruit like a banana or strawberry will need very little sugar, but a lime or lemon shake will need more.  Just add a bit to start and go from there…

Dump all the ingredients in a blender and give it about 30 seconds and you are done.

  • For a smoother taste try adding a ½ cup of yogurt
  • For a richer taste try adding a dash of vanilla
  • For a creamy taste try adding a ½ cup of ice cream
  • For an adult libation just add some rum or vodka…
  • Some great fruits for shakes are:

    Pineapple – about a banana sized chunk
    Papaya – the same
    Watermelon – same
    Banana…that’s right, a banana sized piece of banana
    Mango (mmm, really good) – same amount
    Berries, a good handful
    Apple (add a bit of milk as well)
    Orange (fill the glass about half full of freshly squeezed juice)
    Lime (the juice from one big lime, or two small)

    You can also try mixing fruits together and creating unique mixed fruit shakes.
    Enjoy these as you take in the lazy days of summer.

    On the subject of kitchen gadgets, one of my favorites is the mango slicer.  Once you try one, you will be a user too.  Using a mango slicer is a very simple process.  Place the mango on a cutting board.


    Hold the mango in place with one hand, stem side down, and center the mango slicer on the body of the mango.  Now that the mango slicer is in position, place both hands on the handles and press down.  The slicer will cut through the mango, splitting it into two portions.  At the same time, the mango slicer separates the pit from the two portions.


    Now, with a paring knife, slice the mango into cubes without cutting through the skin!  The size of the cubes doesn’t matter.  The key is not breaking the skin.  Using your thumbs, press the mango inside out.


    You can now break off little pieces with your fingers, the knife or, better yet, a grapefruit spoon.


    With that said, my favorite fruit shake is indeed a mango shake. So simple, sweet, refreshing…

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    8 Comments For This Post

    1. Joe Osburn Says:

      Sounds good to me. I will try this soon

    2. stims Says:

      love how you diced the mango in the skin. beats trying to slice it.

    3. Sally Says:

      This sounds very refreshing! And a great recipe / treat for kids too!

    4. rastaruss Says:

      This is awesome!!!
      My afternoon summer fiesta has a new drink.

    5. plain ties Says:

      A pleasure to come to your site. Thnks very much!

    6. AndrewBoldman Says:

      Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

    7. Stainless Steel Juicer Says:

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    8. Gil Sequira Says:

      Thanks for showing us how to dice a mango. They are really tough to eat if you don’t know how to use them.

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