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Meet Chef Bud

ChefBud is Bud Thomas. While working as a chef in top restaurants such as Loews Ventana Canyon Resort and Café Terra Cotta in Tucson, AZ, Les Saveurs and The Collection in London, England, and The Peaks Resort and Golden Door Spa in Telluride, CO, ChefBud has learned the skills needed to run a successful, award-winning kitchen. As the owner of TasteBuds Catering, which brings restaurant-quality food into the comfort of your home, ChefBud has been able to continue to develop his own philosophy and values about food.  Now, with the establishment of this website, ChefBud is hoping he can help to demystify cooking good food starting with the basics: quality ingredients and professional techniques.

Bud and Jenna

Meet TheChefsWife

TheChefsWife is ChefBud’s wife, Jenna Thomas.  She is an avid reader and writer who is passionate about food.  Jenna is a busy working mother of two, but she still makes it a priority to cook good, healthy meals at home with her kids.  Healthy eating habits are formed in childhood; TheChefsWife wants to help make it easier for busy moms and dads to provide their kids with good, healthy meals made from whole ingredients.

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