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Quick Breakfast for the Family Using Pancake Mix

Posted on 09 February 2009 by ChefBud

Just made some “Vivacious Vanilla” Daddy Cakes for the family.  We opted for the add egg and oil method instead of just water.  This is quality pancake mix;  they were delicious.  You can check them out at: Daddy Cakes Bakery/

hazeldaddy cakes

My Daughter Hazel making sausage patties dipped in Daddy Cakes

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What to do with extra citrus

Posted on 08 February 2009 by ChefBud

Today I noticed that I had some grapefruit that I probably won’t use while in it’s prime. Whenever I have citrus around that I am not going to get to, I juice them. This can be done with lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit or pretty much any citrus fruit. Then I pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze them. Once frozen, I transfer the cubes into labeled and dated ziplock bags. The ice cube sized portions are perfect. I can pull out one single cube to add to marinades and dressings or multiple cubes to make citrus based sauces like Mojo. In these tough times, why waste anything.

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Hello world!

Posted on 26 January 2009 by ChefBud

I would like to introduce myself to the world and let you know why I am here.

My name is Bud Thomas and I am a professional chef in Telluride, CO. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ with parents that like to cook. And everyone in my family liked to eat well too. Continue Reading

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