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Hot buttered toast for breakfast

Posted on 05 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

To make buttering toast quick and easy, I use a cheese plane to slice off perfectly thin, flat slices of cold butter. Lay the slices on toast fresh out of the toaster and you can watch it melt into buttery perfection. Continue Reading

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Making an Omelet with Leftovers

Posted on 04 March 2009 by TheChefsWife

This morning ChefBud was preparing for today’s show by cleaning and trimming his pork tenderloin. When he was finished, he had about 1/4 cup of pork scraps. To make use of these, he diced the pork into 1/4 inch pieces. He also diced up the white part of three green onions. Using a hot, non-stick omelet pan, he added a tsp of extra virgin olive oil and then sauteed the pork with the green onions until just browned. Using a fork, ChefBud beat four eggs in a bowl and then scrambled them into the pork and onions with a rubber spatula. Once the eggs were cooked, he sprinkled 1 TBSP of goat cheese over the top and served them with diced avocado. It was a delicious way to start the morning and a great way to use up the excess pork from today’s show.

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Eating Dinner Family Style

Posted on 23 February 2009 by TheChefsWife

Obviously people everywhere advocate sitting down together as a family for dinner. To take that a step further, try serving your meals family style; in other words, put all the food on the table and let everyone serve themselves at the table. My kids are 5 and 6, and since we started doing this, we have noticed that they eat more food. I think they like the control it gives them to pick how much and what they eat. It is surprising how often kids make the right choices when you give them the power to make the choice.

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Hello world!

Posted on 26 January 2009 by ChefBud

I would like to introduce myself to the world and let you know why I am here.

My name is Bud Thomas and I am a professional chef in Telluride, CO. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ with parents that like to cook. And everyone in my family liked to eat well too. Continue Reading

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